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Copy This – Media downloads and piracy wars!

Part 1: History doesn’t repeat… If creativity is a field, copyright is the fence. –John Oswald   We’ve all done it at least once. From the earliest days of Napster to the evolution of torrents, almost everyone with access to a computer has at one time or another pirated some type of media, whether it… Read more »

Content as a Catalyst – Do we really need more controversial artists and material in the music industry?

Content as a Catalyst Recently we had an article on the site which included an interview with Ed Greens. In this interview, he said “…music is music and resistance is resistance, therefore music can never replace resistance or activism…” This response struck me as particularly potent and got me thinking. If music isn’t resistance, or… Read more »

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed – How successful will I be as an unsigned artist?

Signing record deal contracts as an underground artist and performer

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed (part 1) The topic of whether or not a talented independent artist should sign to a major label is always a contentious issue. So imagine my shock when I found out one of my favourite inde artists’, Dom Kennedy is allegedly getting signed to MMG and… Read more »

Poetry as Revolution – ‘What exactly is Poetry?’

Earth Speakers and Global Revolution through poetry

Poetry as Revolution Please note that all opinions expressed herein are solely that of the author. We’ve all heard the dreaded question in high school English classes, college classes, writing seminars, book clubs. The list goes on. What exactly is poetry? For some, the answer is quite resolute. Poetry should adhere to strict literary standards,… Read more »