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KIDS FLY – White Page

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Directly above is KIDS FLY's most recent rock music visual White Page. Here's what they had to say when asked:

Who was responsible for the visuals and how well did they bring your track ideas to life?

"Kids Fly's music video for "White Page" portrays a moment between two individuals, who are soon parted and tossed into a world of fantasy and longing. This visual world was conceived by the impact of raw materials. Each collision creates a natural shape, a metaphor for chaos within the characters' mind.

Kids Fly's entire visual aspect is taken under the wing of Yafo Creative, an artistic community active in the integrated Arab/Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, acting as a home and collaboration base for multi-disciplined creators from Tel-Aviv and abroad.

The video's narrative and visuals were created by Soul Royale after being approached by Kids Fly and Amnon Ron (Founder of Yafo Creative) who brought his own artistic vision into the project in the form of mesmerizing macro shots of liquid chaos. Handled with care by Soul Royale's loving touch, Amnon's shots were placed into a deep, yet vague storyline.

More Details KIDS FLY is a new pop project created between London and Tel Aviv the past year or so. first a bed room production, evolving in to a live 6 members band, the Kids aspire to unleash themselves from a genre orientation or song structure and just fly by intuition, yet keeping it communicative and danceable. Their self titled debut album is coming this summer, accompanied with visual art theme by Yafo Creative's Amnon Ron to create a full audio visual experience

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