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Have a look at Madame Rrose Sélavy's brand new hip hop video Atriz na High Society. This is what Madame Rrose Sélavy had to say when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"1945 – Animal Farm - George Orwell
1886 - The Carnival of the Animals - Claude Debussy"

More Details Behold, sixth is not third and Madame Rrose Sélavy prays as the samba. CARNIVAL OF ANIMALS, ninth album, in its sixth year challenging the strange modesty, comes to the king Momo escape the throne. The god of satire, sarcasm, the cult of pleasure and entertainment, laughter, the joke, the malicious criticism is invoked to get the rest of men. Frevo electro bossa pop experimental powerful hardcore punk, shitting greed that numbs the senses, sounds that sound like wild antics. Seduction, psychopathy, eroticism and disappointment, every day is cold day in the spine. Absurd and sensual, insane and dance, extolling the longing, the cosmic and karmic love, the band encourages the size of revelry to sing that life is too crazy for those who want so much. To listen amidst confetti, streamers, cast perfumes and revelers around the avenue.

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