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Take a quick peak at MOAN's most recent hip hop video Bored Of my Life. Here's what MOAN had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"2 years ago I decided to use my personal diary notes to create my music, for this E.P I’ve used all my emotions, events and explorations of potential paths to conceptualise and understand my mental health, mood swings, passion & relationships, displaying me, my style & my own reality while working with my favorite producers and rapper along the way. Around 12 months ago was when I decided to make this project as I was also starting to have some pretty defined moments of personality swaps and dissociation that’s been on and off causing decisions, brakes ups, makeups and working myself to the absolute bone,, hence wanting to try capture for different versions of me in this project.

The project should flow as an inner dark, gritty, gutter UK vibe, to a more unorthodox heartbreak story, a cross between ‘The 4 Owls’ and ‘Loyle Carner’ with a hint of Depression & positively haha."

More Details Limited Edition Cassettes at’s been a journey as this projects been crafted since the drop of the last, tensions of how this displays my emotional state & lyrical skill definitely makes me nervous, I feel like I'm on my way to defining my success with a future unknown what direction is next, especially in a live context as if you've seen me live it’s something I put a lot of effort into & love most.This product is everything I’ve been working towards since I imagined myself as a rapper, I genuinely believe I bring something to Sheffield and the north we have never had and represent those who've been forgotten about. “I guess that's why the story ends”.

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