Timeolive – Dancing Solo


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Take a look at Timeolive's latest folk music video Dancing Solo. Here's what Timeolive had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"Shortly after releasing "In-ner Space Revisited" Corrine Leland of Timeolive contacted Daz Disley to see if he and Fenia Kotsopoulou would make her a video for their track ‘Dancing Solo’ … so Daz and Fenia sat on the idea for a few weeks, mulled-over a couple of treatments and then got in-touch with their friends over at La Vida Vintage – a wonderful little retro-café just down the road of Lincoln where they live. The source footage was shot over two lunchtime sessions on days when the café was closed, taking about 3 hours in total. As usual, their equipment is pretty modest – a sony cx305 camcorder and a canon d500 dslr shooting at 1080i/25 and 720p/30 respectively so a little juggling was required in editing. All-in it took them something like 4 full days worth of editing time to get the feel right : they would known from the start they wanted a desaturated and detached feel to echo the song, and that there’d be some of their fragmentation processing involved in the final product (more info about "fragmentation process" see link: http://frageography.wordpress.com/). After a bit of to-and-fro and a couple of days rendering effects they were pretty much ready to publish … and then the micro-tweaks came-in : subtle adjustments made to colour and movement as well as adjustments to the timing of the edits to hopefully have none of the shots break the affect of the finished item.
Lyrics, music, movement, space, camera are coming together in order to compose a new puzzle, an atmosphere that seeks to capture listener/viewer attention even for almost 3 minutes. A collaboration based in simplicity and synergy of energies, minds and hearts.

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